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About Me


Hey there! My Name is Mayura. I’m a travel blogger and photographer and have been traveling different places for a while with my most active and busy day job and still wish to “EXPLORE MORE”!!!


This is where I will be sharing my personal travel experiences and entertaining stories, travel tips, travel videos, of course, beautiful photography, and dangerous but crazy adventures with you from my travels around the world, especially India.


This is the place where you can know where and how to travel to pursue wonderful experiences and memorable events in your life. I’ll be sharing some wonderful travel tips as well as will be giving some brief idea about places to visit for people who are willing to have some fun and experience adventure in their lives.


I am on a journey to show you a travel doesn’t have to stop after having monotonous or most active busy day jobs. Like most people, I am a casual and part-time traveler traveling mostly on weekends or holidays, not a hardcore or nomadic backpacker. I enjoy solo travels, as well as unwinding, travels with friends and family. Every place, restaurant, hotel, or attractions mentioned has been personally visited by me or one of my friends who has shared their experience with me. I will be sharing some general travel blogs and tips about different places.

Why travel?

Travel definitely makes you awesome, fearless, sexy, happy, funny, and good at communication with unknowns. I would just say, “Life is short and there is not a perfect time for you to live your dreams. Don’t wait until you’re old and have enough time and money till your retirement to start living.”


“Do it right now”

“Don’t think for a second you can’t do it or will do when the time comes.”


I hope I can inspire and motivate you to begin on your own trips and adventures.